Written By: Kimberly Greenwell

For generations, women have been told that they need a ‘good man.’ We’ve all heard it thousands of times.  But the quest for a perfect mate isn’t easy- in fact, women have to “kiss a lot of frogs” before they find their prince, yet another saying women have heard a thousand times.

Many women, including myself, have dreamed about finding their “good man” from a very early age. As a child, I planned countless elaborate weddings for my Ken and Barbie dolls.  It was always a grand affair with all of my stuffed animals in attendance; for little girls like me, weddings are their own personal princess fairytale.  Of course, little girls only really care about the wedding dress, the beautiful bouquets of flowers and the sparkly tiara.  Thinking about the actual identity of the man in question typically doesn’t occur until the teenage years.

Once we start dating, we find out just how many frogs there really are and how tough it will be find a prince.  We quickly learn that the old adage is very true, that we probably will have to kiss a lot of frogs. Then we start wondering if we’ll ever find the good man we were shown in all those stories, movies, and fairy tales.

Chances are high that women will run into some problems dating, and there are lots of voices in their ears.  The new-age gurus and Oprah tell us that we have to find and love ourselves before we can find our soul mate   Friends and family tell us to just get out there and meet people.  There are also the blind dates and set-ups by well-intentioned friends and family. And let’s not forget about the dating websites!

Regardless of the path one takes in finding their prince, I believe two things to be true.  First, there’s a prince out there for everyone.  We only have to bold enough to get out there and brave enough to be true to ourselves.  Second, one may have to kiss a lot of frogs in the search for her prince.

The Bad Date Book is a compilation of short stories about the rendezvous women have had with “frogs”. Some of the stories are funny and some are just…just well oh my!

And, thankfully, not all the stories are mine.


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