Chapter 1

Written By: Kimberly Greenwell

Do You Feel Me?

A Louisville, KY Frog Story

One afternoon, I visited one of my client’s restaurants to discuss a big ad campaign we were doing.  I came to his restaurant a little early and he asked me to wait for him at the bar.

A couple of men were seated near me having a drink after work.  One of them was  older, a little more relaxed with a wedding ring visible.  The other man was around my age, extremely attractive and appeared to be single. As I was sitting down, I overheard the married man say, “Screw the rule!  If you like her, just call her.”

My eaves dropping ears quickly learned the men were having a very serious conversation about when to call a women after getting her phone number. Should they call as soon as they get her number or wait the (absolutely ridiculous and thought of by a man) “obligatory” three days.


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